Pure Bismuth Oxide Powder Application
Author: xiguanya Time: 2022-07-08 13:41:03


1. Pure Bismuth Oxide Powder Price comes from China 15 years experience factory directly.

2. We only use high quality materials, so our Factory Price of Bismuth Oxide(Bi2O3)99.99% Purity does NOT have radioactivities and have very little impurities.

3. We only synthesize Bismuth Oxide by Oxalate Precipitation, so our Bismuth Oxide powder is more ultrafine and better than other factories' who use  carbonic acid method or chemical method to get the Pure Bismuth Oxide Powder Price from China factory.


1. Nano-bismuth oxide powder due to its crystal structure contains a large number of oxygen vacancies, oxygen ion conductivity, can be used to make a solid oxide fuel cell electrolyte, the oxygen sensor, and high purity oxygen generator.

2. Bismuth oxide nanoscale materials are widely used in display field components, sensitive components, the dielectric ceramic electronic components, and can be used as catalyst in organic synthesis, specialty glass, medical astringent, chemical products such as flame retardants.

3. Nanometer bismuth oxide is also used in the manufacture of bismuth salt, red glass batch, nuclear reactors and nuclear fuel and fire paper engineering glass manufacturing, but also for flame retardants, bismuth yellow pigment and specialty ceramic manufacturing.

4. Bismuth oxide in high-temperature superconducting materials, optoelectronic materials, electronic ceramic powder materials, catalysts, also have a wide range of applications.

5. Nano-micron instead of bismuth oxide, bismuth oxide used in the piezoelectric material, it can improve the uniformity of the device, improve its performance and reduce the amount of additives.

6. At present, domestic and foreign demand for nanometer bismuth oxide positive upward trend, especially ceramic capacitors, varistors, ferrite magnetic materials market capacity growing at an annual growth rate of 30%, driven by related electronic single body powder sales market at the same rate of growth, the rise of the superconducting nano industry will drive the rapid growth in consumption of bismuth oxide.

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