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The advantages of our nano alumina for battery diaphragm ceramic coating
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1) Long cycle life: reduce the mechanical short circuit in the cycle process, effectively improve the cycle life


2) High rate performance: solid solution can be formed in carp battery to improve doubling rate and cycle performance


3) Excellent thermal conductivity: when the temperature of the battery is too high, this material can conduct heat conduction very well, thus solving the problem of poor thermal conductivity of PP/PE material;


4) Good wettability: good liquid absorption and retention ability;


5) Excellent flame retardancy: even if the temperature is too high to reach the zero combustion threshold, the good flame retardancy of the material will prevent a large range of combustion and even explosion;


6) When the current is too large, it can block the current: with the continuous improvement of the capacity of the ion battery, the internal energy is increasing, and the internal temperature will increase. It is possible that the negative electrode diaphragm will be melted by too high temperature, resulting in short circuit

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